Tack reviews are some of my favorite to write, so I gathered them together in one place for you to enjoy! I also will be attempting some book reviews, and some comparison posts!

I am always interested in reviewing new products, so if you're interested in having me review something, contact me at

Tack Reviews

Two Horse Tack Buckle Nose Halter
Art of Riding products -- garment bag, bridle bag, boot bag, and saddle cover
Saxon Softmesh Fly Sheets
Teddy's Tack Truck Leistner Brushes
Neue Schule Verbindend
HighPoint Advantage Dressage Cutback Saddlepad

Service Reviews
Equi-Star Horse Massage

Comparison Posts
Horze Brush vs. TTT Leistner Brush Showdown!

Book Reviews
Dressage Sabbatical

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