Monday, August 16, 2021

Light Week

The heat and humidity were back in full force last week, so it was a pretty light week for the horses. I draw the line at riding when they're soaked in sweat just grazing in the pasture. But, knowing I had a riding lesson over the weekend, I did pick the "coolest" evening in the first half of the week to put in a walk only ride on Ruby in the bands, just so we were doing SOMETHING. 

but like WHYYYYY this weather sucks

Soaked in sweat just grazing. Ick. 

The one night it was "cool" enough for me to hop on. 

Still hot. Clearly. 

After 20 minutes of walking in the arena, we walked up and down the gently rolling hill that is my driveway. 

Sweaty but good girl. 


Driving home from work Thursday night - the sky in one direction. 

The sky in the other direction. It opened up and started pouring literally as I was turning horses out, so no riding, despite the welcome cooler temps the storm brought. 

Ruby doing her best zebra impression Friday morning, lol. 

Friday evening was cool again, so I snuck in another ride

Something got murdered in the arena, there were feathers everywhere.

Ruby was really good Friday night, I felt like we were able to easily access the ability to recreate some of the nice moments from our lesson the week before. And neither of us huffs and puffs nearly so much after a solid amount of time trotting, so we're definitely getting more fit! Slowly but surely :) 


  1. It's been stupid hot. On the weekend I was outside at a clinic and I felt like a piece of bacon.

  2. I love when the storms hold off just enough to cool it down without risking thunder/lightning. But then there are those times where you just get dumped on and don't have the chance to ride! Hopefully cooler temps are coming soon.

    1. The weekend was much cooler (although still hot, it IS summer in the Midwest lol) but it looks like temps will creep back up this week. We're still getting it done though 💪

  3. You've got heat and humidity, we have screeching wind and it's unbelievably dry! Seems like August just doesn't work in either hemisphere.

  4. It was hot and humid here too last week. We got our work done, but in the shortest amount of time possible! Glad you were able to fit in some rides!

  5. Last week was super miserable here too. I ended up cancelling all the lessons that weren't first thing in the morning for three days straight. My girls got some walking bareback for about ten minutes twice each, but that was it. I am so ready for summer to be over.

    1. Yeah it's really making my miss WFH, because I never had trouble fitting in morning rides, but I can't manage that now except on weekends with my stupid commute, sigh. Hopefully we're almost through it!