Wednesday, September 16, 2020

WW: Rose Gold Edition

 I still hate trying to blog from mobile, it put the pictures out of the order I wanted, grrrr. 

Cinna better not pretend to be scared of the goats ever again, she worked Monday night with Sam's head in the arena 90% of the time.

She needs a fresh roach and a tail wash day

My flowers are still blooming. 

Clearance plants FTW

I got some exciting mail yesterday

A few weeks back, Pearlescent Pony was having a big bridle sale. And after filling then discarding my cart no less than 8 times, I bought this rose gold piped bridle and then a bonus "mermaid

Immediately swapped the bonus browband onto my PS knockoff, can't wait to photograph it in action.

Ruby got to be my bridle model last night.  

She was less than enthused. 

Close up of the details. I like it! It's nicely padded, anatomic monocrown, the leather is a little stiff out of the bag but I think it'll break in really well. 

I originally ordered a full size, then a day after I placed my order I saw a note on their website that the bridles run big, so I emailed in to see if I could change my order to cob. The owner was SUPER responsive and immediately got that updated. She was also very responsive the day I ordered when a discount code wasn't working. TWO THUMBS UP for good customer service. 

I was hoping the bridle would fit both horses, and it should. Ruby is on some of the bottom holes and Cinna will be up in the middle somewhere. If I was going to order another one, I might take a chance on full size.

(I had a really good ride too, if that matters. And I think the Pivo tracked me the whole time, although I was too tired to do more than a cursory glance at the footage)

Hazy skies from the smoke out west blowing east. Thinking of all my west coast friends ♥️


  1. Glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the current blogger, it messes up pictures on the computer too I'm OVER IT.

    LOVE the new bridle, super cute! If I were in the market for a new dressage I'd jump on them, so keeping that in my back pocket. Amazing customer service? Yes please

    1. Yes I HAAAAAAAATE it. Ugh.

      Yeah, it's cute! I feel like you probably already replaced your broken bridle at this point (plus the wait time is not short, not hufglocken long but also not short) but maybe this might be a site to keep an eye on in the future!

    2. Actually with the vet bill I got on Friday night, I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger and get a new bridle yet, sigh. I'm going to shop fall sales, the one I put together for him from pieces actually works great in the interim, it just doesn't satisfy my need for a nice bridle haha. Going to keep an eye on their site for sure!

    3. Oh noooo, vet bills. Yeah, I know what you mean. I had planned on some additional shopping this summer now that all my money wasn't tied up in construction, and then my geriatric OTTB decided that was the best time to need ALL his incisors pulled, lol. Animals, right?

  2. I'm admiring your pretty bridles and loving the goat sticking his head in the arena! :D

    1. Aww thanks! I'm a bit of a.. collector? (Cough, hoarder) of the pretty bridles. And I cannot escape the goats no matter what I do lol.

  3. That bridle is so pretty! Nice to hear about a company with great service too!