Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Transformation Tuesday: Furniture Edition

So we've been "moved in" for a few weeks now, and things are going really well! We're got probably about 70% of our stuff moved in and piles and piles of stuff to donate/throw away (we're filling our trash can every week lol).
The horses are fine. Bored, but fine 😅
Something new for us in this process has been restoring some antique (and some modern but beat up) furniture. Quite a few aspects of the house were designed around some antique furniture I inherited (although we won't talk about my despair over the still ruined buffet, that I still haven't found some one to restore it yet). Thankfully, most of our other projects have gone much better! I didn't really take adequate "before" photos but DAMN did they get much better in the afters!

This was a dining room table that came from my great-great aunt. The top was pretty beat up, although the legs just needed some polish and old English. 

Plz ignore the train wreck that is my tack shed - all the construction moving of supplies has me ITCHING to do a reorg this winter with all my new space and leftover construction materials lol. But the photo was intended to show the desk/vanity. 

We picked this up off the side of a local gravel road a few years ago - DH saw some potential. It had free spray painted on it 🤦

This was actually a pew DH refinished a few years ago, rescued from the old church on our property. I used it as a ladder to reach my upper rack of bridles (bad me) and it needed some TLC to be glued back together.

Looks great in the guest bedroom though!

Detail on the dining room table leg.

We winged it on the stain color from Walmart (not a ton of selection lol) and it ended up being basically a PERFECT match!

Top is the new stain, side is original finish.

Sanding down the desk

First coat of stain on the top, and then we just stained over the original finish (which apparently you can do with this product 🤷‍♀️ #winning)

I really love the inlay detail on the drawers

The handles at one point were brass, but were SUPER tarnished

I had a can of gold Rust-Oleum, so I went ahead and gave 'em the old razzle dazzle 😂

These chairs were also in my tack shed being stored -- thankfully they ended up still being in pretty decent shape (we originally thought we might need to reupholster them) so some polish and old English and they were good to go!

Plz ignore the diaster behind it 🤦

After it's second and final coat of stain

Those handles really pop!

Made that to show a friend the progress!

I have zero before pictures of this, but it was a spectacularly beat up boring old end table that I planned to put out on the curb. 

Instead, DH spray painted (I know, I was horrified) the bottom half black (we already had the spray paint), sanded down the top and stained it with leftover trim/door stain from the house, and naturally I had to make the handle gold too lol.

It actually turned out... Not terrible? I needed a nightstand anyway and we used what we already had, so the investment is like...30 minutes of work haha.

We ended up rearranging the bedroom to feature this between the windows. I'm so tickled with it!

Had to do some decorating and also buy stuff to protect the freshly refinished top 😁

We also hung some artwork this weekend - I'll need a chair or something for it, and probably a mirror, but I'm pretty happy with the results of our roadside trash and a $13 can of stain, lol.
Still some more stuff to move over but it really is looking like a home now 🤗

And hopefully that means soon I can get back to... Ya know.... Riding 😂 thanks for putting up with all my non-horsey posts for the last 6 months!


  1. You need to go buy a lottery ticket, stain matching NEVER goes that well or that quickly!

    1. Haha I was shocked! It's not perfect, but it's also not so far off that your eye immediately notices it #luckypick

  2. I love furniture redos - it all looks fantastic!

  3. omg i adore that desk so hard. you guys did such a nice nice job on it. the kitchen/dining area looks fantastic!!!

    1. Thank you! The kitchen/dining area is a smidge tight (we winged it on the furniture measurements because we couldn't reach them to measure when we were laying out the rooms, and then we ended up extending the kitchen breakfast bar farther than we planned, which ate up some dining room space, oops!) but it's proven pretty functional so far!

  4. Damn you guys should have videoed everything you could have your own tv show!

    1. I am really, really kicking myself for not documenting the process better! In my defense, I kind of expected the end result to be... Not great 😂 so I was lackluster about the photos. But damn if they didn't turn out about 628263836x better than I thought!

  5. Wow! Everything looks so beautiful, and works perfectly in your new house!

    1. Thank you! The style is a bit - eclectic - but that's kind of my vibe 🤣

  6. Wow, it all looks amazing! I love refinishing furniture. Also giggling that you used a church pew as a ladder.

    1. Thank you!! In my defense, he put it directly under my double rack of bridles and hung the top ones our of my reach, so really, what else was I supposed to do? 🤷‍♀️😂

  7. You guys have been going hair straight back for a while now!! Love the fun little projects you have been able to accomplish!

    1. Haha it's funny you say that because the lady who just retired from the new position I got (she still comes in to train me periodically) came in this morning and was like "I'm retired and j don't have the time to do all the things you do, how are you managing?!" and I was like well things I love like reading, writing, and sleeping aren't really happening 🤷‍♀️ but thankfully things are slowing down a bit. Ish 😂