Wednesday, April 17, 2019

WW: Construction

I know I've been absent anyway, but now I have an even better excuse than just my awesome new job and the perpetual to-do list of farm life keeping me busy.....we broke ground on our house today!
When the contractors said bright and early, they were not fucking around, they pulled up at 6 am haha.
House site staked out.
Officially breaking ground!

I imagine life will be even more of a whirlwind than usual over the next few months, and I've temporarily deactivated my FB account to give myself a little breathing room off social media -- but you can still follow along on Instagram or reach out to me via any form of social media (FB messenger still works even when you deactivate your account, fun fact lol) or email or blog comment if you want updates ;)

Monday, January 14, 2019

It's Snow Fun

I have SO MANY things I want to write about, including a really fun hack out with my dressage instructor, BRAND NEW BABY GOATS, lots of dachshund shenanigans, and more..... but I can't focus on any of those things because of Winter Storm Gia.
Aren't they impossibly cute? Red doeling in the back, traditional buckling in the front. 


We swung wildly from 70 degrees last Monday to being HAMMERED by Winter Storm Gia over the weekend - almost 48 hours of snow, racking up over 20" on the ground. But that's okay -- you know why?
Wheeeee! Ruby was a good sport about the knee+ deep snow, haha. Did anyone else get smacked down by this storm? I hope you were able to find SOME fun in it!