Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hay Days

I was really hoping to get in a lot of riding this weekend (prepping Ruby for a show and just time in the saddle for Cinna) but that didn't happen.

What DID happen was hours in the hay field and 800+ bales of hay for the farmer we work with. I'm back at work today but DH will be in the hay field again this afternoon (and I may end up there after work driving again).

I can't complain, because working for him means we can afford to put up really nice hay and I never worry about running out -- being able to keep hay or grass in front of my horses 24/7 is one of my favorite things about having horses at my house.

So enjoy some hay photos instead of riding recaps.... *sigh*
 Enormous tractor I got to drive! I drove a few this weekend but this was my fave.
 They turned me loose with a rake this time. Usually I'm only trusted to drive the tractor when we're picking up bales, but I got a real job this time!
 I made a new friend.
 Poor DH. Long weekend for him.
 So many levers I wasn't allowed to touch.
It was surprisingly difficult to get bales perfectly on this contraption. We unloaded several trailers and I had to pick up probably 15 bales that fell off the stupid belt. But the convenience still outweighed the annoyance obviously!


  1. omg that sounds like some serious labor for the holiday weekend lol! still tho. nothing beats a barn full of hay!

    1. Yes, the irony of laboring all labor day weekend didn't escape me 😂 haha. But it's worth it for hay!!

  2. There's nothing like the satisfaction of a barn full of hay

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these pictures all weekend lol

    1. It was probably more fun vicariously than in person -- in person it was very sweaty😂